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Seventy rebels killed in raid inside Russia

Seventy rebels killed in raid inside Russia

Moscow: according to russia Ukrainian army had entered the Russian border town of Belgord. The Russian army has retaliated against them. In the 24 hours after the attack and counter-attack, Russia claimed that more than 70 Ukrainian soldiers were killed.

On Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry said these things in a statement sent to Telegram about the attack. The attackers were apprehended by Russian forces and more than 70 Ukrainian militants were killed, the statement said. The report also said that Russia says the insurgents who crossed the border from Ukraine and attacked the Belgorod region have been defeated.

After two days of fighting with Russian forces, Russia claims that many of the attackers were killed and the rest fled to Ukraine. But Ukraine says the fighters are members of two anti-Kremlin paramilitary forces. But Moscow says the attackers are Ukrainian. He carried out the attack.

They say their attack is aimed at overthrowing President Putin’s government in Moscow. Russian officials say Ukrainian forces crossed the border and attacked the border town of Gravornovsky on Monday. Ukraine has denied involvement in the attack.

Officials in Kiev say the attack was carried out by Russian citizens from two Russian paramilitary forces. Russia has launched an investigation into terrorism allegations in the incident. The region’s governor, Vacheslav Gladkov, said the drone used in the attack had been shot down and destroyed.

Some buildings were damaged. It was the biggest cross-border attack on Russia in 15 months since the start of Russian military operations against Ukraine. Immediately after the attack, Moscow launched an anti-terrorist operation in the Belgorod region. As part of the operation the officers were given special powers to impose controls on communications and movement.

Ukrainian officials say members of two groups are behind the attack, Russia’s Liberty Lijan and the Russian Volunteer Corps. liberty of russia lizan ukraine A Russian militia group based in The group says it operates inside Russia with the goal of ousting President Putin.

In a post on Twitter on Monday, the group claimed to have completely liberated the border town of Kojinka. Ukrainian officials say the fighters were trying to establish a safe zone for Ukrainians.

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