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Former army chief’s granddaughter in attack on corps commander’s house

Former army chief’s granddaughter in attack on corps commander’s house

Islamabad: Punjab Police in Lahore corps commander Khadija Shah, the prime suspect in the House attack, has been taken into custody. Earlier, her husband and family members were arrested by the police. He was arrested by the Punjab Police on Tuesday.

According to the news, on May 9, the chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party Imran Khan After his arrest, his supporters attacked the house of the Corps Commander. Imran Khan was arrested in the Al-Qadir Trust corruption case.

But his supporters incited nationwide riots and violence in protest. One of his main targets was the army. Under this, the house of the Corps Commander in Lahore was burnt. Khadija Shah admitted that she is a PTI supporter and participated in the protest outside the Corps Commander’s House in Lahore.

But he denied any wrongdoing, including inciting people to violence. Salman Shah’s daughter Salman Shah was a member of the finance team of former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf. He also served as an advisor to the Punjab government during the Osman Buzdar regime.

Then again, she is the granddaughter of a former army chief. Punjab’s interim chief minister Mohsin Naqvi announced last week that the women involved in the May 9 attack on military installations would also be arrested at all costs. In his voice note released on Sunday Khadija Shah Said that she is going to surrender before the police. He accepted his mistake.

He admitted that he had tweeted inappropriately against the military leadership in a fit of anger and emotion. But now they have been removed. Khadija also said that she is a dual citizen. He mentioned that he is trying to get help from the embassy as well.

Khadija is the daughter of former Finance Minister Salman Shah. His grandfather Asif Janjua was a former army chief of Pakistan. He is a famous fashion designer. He is a Pakistani and a British citizen at the same time.

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